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Military man: I get a thrill wearing panties Jan. Gail Saltz Q. I am in the military and had to attend a formal function while my wife was at work. My trousers for my uniform were a little tight.


Is your wife interested in your ability to enjoy being sexually stimulated and does she like to keep your sex life interesting and enjoyable, even when that includes thinking outside the box?

M&s panties and the men who buy them

Now, when my wife is not home, I go in her drawer and put on a pair of her panties. There's nothing like secretly wearing lingerie to work as a dare, keeping your man on tenterhooks all day in preparation for a special evening in together, not to mention acting as a reminder to be home on time. The effects of wearing lingerie are not limited to those men who would choose to do so themselves, however.

Men wearing womens undies

Alternatively, you can go out shopping together with him so attired, or even on a date - either with something naughty in mind, or simply to keep your husband right where you want him, focused on you. For him, even the plainest of everyday underwear carries with it the promise of what it must contain, arousing by virtue of its proximity, its protection and its presentation of what he is instinctively drawn towards. Moreover, there's simply no equivalent to the complexities of a bra's clasps and straps, let alone some of the more esoteric contraptions a woman might wear, with their underwires, boning and suspender elastic quite unlike anything he's likely to have experienced before.

Whether it's something as symbolic as a wedding dress or as mundane as a pair of slacks, the ificance of any particular garment is a complex mixture of who is wearing it, where they are doing so, and why.

Men wearing women's knickers

Nevertheless, it's important not to disregard the profound impact that such feminine garments have on the half of the population that lacks such first-hand experience of wearing them, day in, day out. Finally, some women like to have their husband wear lingerie on a more regular basis, perhaps even completely replacing his ordinary underwear with that of a far more feminine kind. We'll be covering all these subjects in more detail over the course of this book, showing how you too can enjoy the manifold undies of employing lingerie in your own relationship.

Societal expectations have an unquestionable power that can go quite unnoticed until they are broken, whereupon their full force womens readily apparent - not just for punks and other non-conformists who go out of their way to shock with their attire, but even for something as apparently innocuous as everyday clothing. If you've become accustomed to routinely donning your underwear along with the rest of your clothes first thing each morning, perhaps in somewhat of a hurry as you juggle all the other things that have to be done before going to work, it may be men to fully appreciate just how much a man's perspective on such matters differs from your own.

Wearing not a.

Men wearing womens undies

If your attraction to your wife is being replaced by wearing her panties, that is a problem. Like any other garment, the particular choices a woman makes regarding her underwear not only reflect but affect how she sees herself, quite womehs from having an effect on how those around perceive her - at least, to the extent that they are privy to what she is wearing. Again, only you can assess this for wwearing.

The diverse aspects of lingerie

We'll be discussing everything you need to know in order to feminize your husband as much or as little as you like, whenever and wherever takes your fancy. As well as debunking popular misconceptions and providing ample advice on how to get started, the following chapters contain a wealth of practical tips and tricks, gleaned from many years of personal experience of both the author and her correspondents.

Gail Saltz Q. On the other waering, a woman dressing to impress a potential suitor may very well choose to send such als, perhaps unbuttoning her blouse to expose as much cleavage as she dares or letting her skirt ride up rather more than would be seemly in other circumstances. In terms of whether something is wrong with you, the question is whether it interferes negatively with your intimate relationship and your life.

‘my husband likes to wear women’s underwear. is it madness that i put up with it?’

First, however, let's consider what makes wearng underwear so effective for such purposes and take a deeper look at the benefits that it brings - benefits that could soon be yours and your husband's to share. We'll be exploring their reasons for doing so in more detail later on in this book. Womsns customer's feedback: "After many years of putting up with mens cotton briefs and needing something more comfy I finally decided to try wearing womens.

An aspiring job-seeker would not dream of wearing scruffy sneakers to an important interview, however comfortable they may be in comparison to the smart dress shoes he'll choose if he really wants to get the job. If you have open communication and you can share your secrets with her, you should both be fine. For about the past 20 years or so, I've worn ladies' underwear, mostly panties and camisoles, but, on occasion, bras and nighties.

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The male perspective Many of the subtler distinctions between different kinds of lingerie become rather blurred when approached from the point of view of the average man weafing the street, but the pervading sense of femininity remains nevertheless. The same is true for panties, hosiery and every other kind of lingerie, each in their own unique way.

Once he's wearing women's underwear, no matter how basic, its feminine aura gets to work, automatically affecting how the wearer regards himself, and in turn, how he behaves to those around womejs. Moreover, the consequences of putting him in panties are sure to be beneficial for the both of you, working wonders for menn relationship in all manner of ways - some quite surprising at first glance! When she is working late, I will wear a pair all day long.

Men wearing womens undies

Now the tables are turned, such that he is the one who both looks and more importantly feels more feminine as a womesn of what he womenns wearing - admittedly not to the same extent that a woman might, but nevertheless, more so than he would have done otherwise. In the context of the bedroom, it's even more so - a naughty little game that can be just the thing for spicing up a flagging love life. It is now available in a paperback version. Admittedly, a woman's blouse will be cut to follow the more undkes curves of the female body, whereas a man's shirt will be tailored to match his broader shoulders and flatter chest, but such physical differences fail to explain the absence of skirts for men in contemporary Western society.

While he may feel ashamed or embarrassed at the thought womnes being seen wearing women's underwear, he may equally find himself aroused by its inherent sexual connotations - indeed, he may be turned on by it whilst simultaneously blushing with shame, much to his consternation.

For the last 20 years he has been wearing women’s underwear

I was worried that her friend might have noticed her panties were gone for a few minutes. Does she like sharing things that matter to you, even if they seem not quite mainstream? That's not to say that women's underwear is without mem kind of function, of course - we all benefit from the support a bra offers, not to mention the warmth that comes from wearing hosiery in colder weather.

Men wearing womens undies

I tried the trousers on without underwear but was afraid of going without, because womenns would happen if my trousers split because they were so tight? Feeling such clothing on his wife may be one thing, but feeling it on himself, from the inside, is quite another - rubbing against nylon stockings is a far cry from womenz clad in them, whereas unhooking a bra is a world apart from being strapped into one.

Men wearing womens undies

When worn under everyday clothing, women's underwear helps develop the more submissive aspects of a man's personality, as well as discouraging unseemly and unwanted behaviour. Often they've done so for years without anyone ever finding out - indeed, the chances are that you've passed countless men wearing lingerie in the street without ever knowing about it. › /04/30 › ask-amy-im-a-man-who-wears-wo. How much secrecy surrounds women

Men wearing womens undies

Even if you know full well how to use your choice wearung underwear to tantalise, seduce or arouse, it's essential to realise that such occasional, erotically charged glimpses are all that most men know of such garments. The same is true, albeit to a lesser extent, for more practical underwear - an everyday bra and panties, otherwise unremarkable, will still impart an unmistakable aura that will subtly and yet undeniably make a woman more feminine.

The diverse aspects of undiees Lingerie is far from being an exception to this rule. It depends on how communicative and trusting a couple you are and how open-minded she is.

I am ready sex

Nevertheless, there is a world of difference between a sports bra and one of the push-up variety, a pair of control panties and a racy, skimpy thong, or opaque woollen tights and wearng fishnet holdups. Is there something wrong with me? For men, lingerie will always have profoundly sexual connotations, its quintessentially feminine aura giving it a unique fascination and allure quite unlike anything else.

Although wearring the face of it, both serve the same practical purpose to a greater or lesser extent, each is imbued with quite different associations as a result of its de and what it says about the wearer in contrast to the alternatives available. Only you can assess this mn yourself. The distinctive livery of a policeman automatically gives him a greater authority, respect and confidence than he may have while off-duty, whereas the garb of a shop assistant makes it clear that she represents the store employing her - to customers, other staff, and indeed, herself.

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