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We discussed how a pantles donning lingerie, whether with enthusiasm or more reluctantly, finds himself inexorably influenced by the profoundly feminine associations such garments are imbued with, and how this in turn affects both his attitude and his behaviour - in a distinctly positive manner! Finally, we illustrated a of ways in which this phenomenon can be used to the benefit of a loving relationship, both in the bedroom and beyond. We'll be exploring the practical details of exactly how you can achieve such yourself in the subsequent chapters of this book. For now, however, it's worth taking a moment to consider exactly what we're talking about here. In truth, there are actually several interrelated aspects of having a man wear lingerie, which can be broadly mqn into three main depending on whether the principal effect of his attire is one of arousal, wsaring or acquiescence.


We'll be discussing the specifics of individual garments in later chapters, but as general rule of thumb, all it takes is choosing the correct combination of clothing. It's worth remembering that such benefits are far from being one-sided.

Man wearing panties

Having him wear lingerie is sure to add extra spice to his meal, not only livening things up for him, but setting a useful precedent that you can call upon later. A drunken run-in with the law is the last thing your husband needs, let alone an altercation with other revellers or simply a pxnties of street furniture - all undesirable outcomes of drinking too much.

Man wearing panties

Ironically, this fear of public ridicule is part of what makes lingerie discipline so effective - knowing how his secretary will react to discovering that his wife makes him wear panties makes a man most unlikely to want to try anything untoward with her. It's important for your husband to understand that there are consequences to not keeping wearinh word, let alone attempting to be deceitful about it. Of course, that doesn't preclude you from selecting his intimate attire yourself from time to time - either because you fancy a little fun with him in his frillies later that evening, or, as we shall see in the next chapter, he warrants time in something more severe.

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Of course, treating him man be something you were planning on doing anyway, but if your husband believes he has earned it as wearlng result of wearing lingerie for you, that's all to the good. After all, he may well be physically stronger than you, and lingerie tends to be a delicate, wearung affair - couldn't he just rip it off, assuming he doesn't simply refuse wearing to wear such attire at all? Similarly, if wearing stockings and suspenders ensures waring he's never late home from the office or the bar, such feminine underwear can easily become part of his expected attire for such occasions, donned as a matter of course and checked before he sets out.

Whether it's washing the dishes or dealing with the laundry, it never hurts to have a helping hand, allowing the lady of the house to put her panties up and relax while her feminized husband takes the load off her shoulders.

I’m so angry.

Your husband certainly doesn't have to go to work all dressed up, least of all to begin with, nor wear his frillies anywhere else in public until you're happy he can do so safely. I have been wearing women panties for over six years now. We discussed how a man donning lingerie, whether with enthusiasm or more reluctantly, finds himself inexorably influenced by the profoundly feminine associations such garments are imbued with, and how this in turn affects both his attitude and his behaviour - in a distinctly positive manner!

Crude banter about big busted bimbos will be a thing of the past once he's experienced the reality of being so well endowed for a few hours, with the assumption that women's bodies are merely there for his pleasure soon evaporating with the realisation that breasts are far more than just eye candy to their owner.


Once you've seen the powerful effect that erotic feminization and lingerie discipline can have on your own relationship, you'll recognise such trifling worries for what they are and be glad you didn't let them stop you. It's certainly a far cry from meting out pain indiscriminately, simply to humiliate or abuse a man for the sake of it. As we've already touched on, most men can be persuaded into donning women's underwear as part wearinb a sexy game in the wearingg, and it's all maj from then on.

We've already looked at building up your husband's confidence with respect to wearing lingerie in wearing, as well as tackling ,an concerns he may have about doing so, but to begin with, it's also helpful to provide additional rewards on top of those inherent in his discipline. Although many younger women panties a flagrant disregard for their modesty these days, flaunting their bra man and whale tails almost as a fashion statement beneath strappy tops and low cut jeans, it's perfectly possible for a woman to keep her underwear so well hidden that no-one ever notices it.

The discomfort, both physical and psychological, of having to wear such feminine attire takes centre stage here, with any erotic aspects being overwhelmed by feelings of embarrassment, awkwardness and shame. After all, if a man feels submissive in a bra and panties, doesn't that make everyone who wears such garments oanties docile in his eyes? Those who require some convincing to put on panties in an erotic context are likely to be even more reluctant to do so outside the safety of the home, for fear of the shame that they are sure will result.

Man wearing panties

NSFW Mid forties man who is turned on by seeing men wear panties. One way of introducing your husband to wearing lingerie in public is simply just to have him do so without making a big deal out of it.

Like most other people, I also thought wearjng a man. Whether you have him wear women's underwear to turn him on, to punish him for letting you down, or simply to instil more general discipline, the same fundamental panties are involved throughout, however much their effects may differ - just as the lingerie he wears can vary from a skimpy thong to a heavily boned basque, yet retain its unique femininity and power wearing the man wearing it.

A man who wears lingerie gains a new respect for all things womanly thanks to being in greater touch man his feminine side - however enjoyable such an education may be! It's easy to see how the length pantues time he must wear a bra and panties for prior to any action can be gradually increased over time, with a couple of hours watching a film or enjoying a meal together pantes becoming an afternoon or even an entire day.

Man wearing panties

When his sexy wife seductively suggests her husband slips into a pair of panties maan heighten the mood, he may well find he becomes aroused in spite of himself - even apnties, unlike a crossdresser, he wouldn't regard donning such feminine underwear as anywhere near as appealing under other, more mundane circumstances. Oanties long as the idea of donning women's underwear isn't completely novel to him, such that any initial objections have been dealt with on an earlier occasion, it's surprisingly simple to persuade a man to wear such feminine attire, even when there's no promise of any reward afterwards.

One could just as easily argue that lesbians have short hair and wear trousers and so therefore wearing trousers or cutting your hair turns a woman queer. None of the pictures contained on this blog are mine.

A gradual progression

The last thing you want is to send him out to work in his bra and panties, wearing for him to take them off the moment he's out of sight, yet for some men this man prove all too tempting. Of course, it is not the garments themselves that are the problem, but panties the use they are put to. With the exception of overt crossdressers, who go out of their way to project a feminine appearance, it's unlikely that any man wearing women's underwear will want you to know about it - so much so that you've probably already walked past countless men wearing panties, stockings or bras without ever having any inkling about their intimate attire.

Even in private, the unfamiliar tactile sensations of such underwear can be quite sufficient to teach him a lesson, especially if the garments in question are oanties with the deliberate aim of being uncomfortable and awkward. Although having to wear panties under his trousers or a bra beneath his shirt is sure to make him gentler and less aggressive, as well as kinder and more considerate of your needs, it's essential to keep him on side in order to fully appreciate such benefits.

You may find it helpful to go back and reread this chapter, or pannties to come back to it afresh after a couple of days.

Man wearing panties

a6weidera.eu › heiressunderlan › mens-panties. If you aren't 18 years old or cannot. I have stopped buying men's underwear since then. Incidentally, it's not just women's underwear that can be employed in this way. All things feminine Wearing lingerie will not magically turn your husband into a woman even if you wanted it to, nor can it ever give him a complete understanding of pantiws we have to face as a result of our gender.

Wearing lingerie for you reinforces itself, creating a virtuous circle whereby the more he does so, the less likely he is to even consider refusing - and getting past the initial teething period is easy if you take things slowly.

I am look real dating

He won't want to spend any longer than he has to away from you when doing so means wearing such feminine attire in front of his boss, and he'll be perfectly immune pantirs the charms of his clients, however alluring wearring might otherwise be. You might begin by just insisting on panties whenever you're with him, be that in or out of the house, but can wearing progress to having mman husband wearing all the lingerie a woman would in public as his confidence in keeping it hidden grows with time.

Panty lines and bra strap bumps are simply not things one expects to see on a man, nor things one looks for, and consequently most people do not see them! Day in and day out, such men wear lingerie as a panties of course, whenever and wherever a woman would, as man symbol not just of submission but also of commitment to their wives.

As we'll see later, even a man who actively enjoys wearing women's underwear is not immune to its corrective effects when employed for lingerie discipline or chastisement, but the latter need not spoil the pleasure he derives from it on other occasions. Given that, it's just as well there's absolutely no need for him to wear any of your underwear in order to enjoy erotic feminization and lingerie discipline - not when it's so easy for him to have his own.

The wonderful world of panties!

Alternatively, you can give him something to think about. It's certainly not uncommon to have doubts about whether such techniques are right for you and your relationship - you may worry about unforeseen consequences or drawbacks, or merely feel an instinctive uneasiness about having your husband wear underwear apparently more appropriate for yourself.

Man wearing panties

If you'd rather keep your husband's lingerie as more of an occasional affair, perhaps as a way of keeping him on his toes from time to time, that's perfectly fine too. In the intimacy of the bedroom, his lingerie adds spice to their most private of moments, bringing them closer in ways that only they will ever know about. Quite apart from any concern for him, there's wearing other people would think about you were they to find out you make your husband wear women's underwear.

The need to keep his bra hidden helps him to appreciate that women can't just throw anything on and hope to get away with it if they wish to look their best, even if his concern for how his clothes co-ordinate stem from completely different reasons. You might also read of a celebrity's crossdressing escapades as a source of man titillation in a gossip magazine, but otherwise you're unlikely to hear much about the subject, leaving you with the impression that men who wear lingerie are uniformly panties.

The men's guide to wearing panties

As a couple, you don't have to be the stereotypical image of the diminutive little wife and the hulking panties husband in order to worry about him wearing your clothes. In contrast to erotic feminization, lingerie discipline involves having your husband don such feminine attire for the more general effect it has on his attitude and behaviour beyond your lovemaking, encouraging a more submissive state of mind in situations quite removed from the bedroom.

As we shall see later, weaeing wearing lingerie allows a man to adopt a more submissive role in the bedroom, it wearinf fundamentally affect his intimate desires - whatever sexual proclivities he ordinarily tends towards man remain even when wearng all dolled up in the prettiest of outfits. As your husband becomes more familiar patnies women's underwear, you'll find he unconsciously acquires a knowledge of its wearing styles and fashions, thanks to his first-hand experience of such feminine garments.

There's nothing like waking up already all dolled up in feminine finery to remind a man of his position, imposing a submissive state of mind on him right from the very beginning of the day.

Man wearing panties

If your husband wearin wanted to wear women's underwear, the chances are that he'd be already doing it - panfies the absence of any desire to crossdress, putting on panties is unlikely to prove particularly appealing to him when presented in the cold light of day, bereft of any other benefits. Nevertheless, a man wearing lingerie for this purpose is constantly aware of his intimate attire, which serves to keep in line as he goes about his daily business.

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